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Caring for our children, with a new look!

In a celebration filled with prayer, laughter, new shirts and cake, we were blessed to come together (virtually) with our entire Christ's Hope team to praise the Lord for all he has done, and look forward to what he will do through this ministry! We had nearly all of our staff members, as well as [...]

Worth a Thousand Words

“He did what!?” “Felix sent a picture of himself holding the picture of us that we sent him!” I was amazed at my wife’s words. After forty years of sponsoring children in different parts of the world through different agencies, this was the most personal response we had ever gotten from a child we sponsored. [...]

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow up?

What do you want to be when you grow up? A question we are asked all too often as kids. For children like Matthew growing up in poverty and AIDS stricken villages, the career options are limited. But Matthew has a dream… Fourth grader, Matthew, and his older sister lost their mom years ago. They [...]

7 Lessons Learned

7 Lessons Learned We are excited to not only wish Faith, our Child Sponsorship and OVC coordinator in Uganda, a very happy (belated) 30th birthday, but also to share her powerful testimony and 7 lessons she learned from it! Take it away, Faith - “While in my mother's womb precisely at 7 months, the doctors [...]

Congrats to our Grads!

Congrats to our Grads! Join us in celebrating three young men who have recently graduated from the Christ’s Hope program in Namibia! Richard, Ivan, and Harry have all worked very hard and are grateful to their sponsors and Caregivers at the CarePoint who have supported them throughout their journey. All three young men feel ready and [...]

From darkness, to LIGHT…

At three years old, Shia’s mother abandoned the family. This is a major heartbreak for any child. Shia’s mom left because her dad had been diagnosed with a deadly disease. Apparently, she just couldn’t face that future reality, so she left her sick husband and their five children in his care.  Shia’s dad worked as [...]

The Catalyst to Change

Berdian and Juliet shared, “When we hear the devastation of thousands of orphans due to AIDS, when we see a picture of a neglected hungry child in Africa, our hearts are touched, our stomachs make an uneasy turn and we want to help, we want to rescue and save the children. We are all eager [...]

July Update

A quick update on Christ’s Hope International this month and a huge thank you for you prayers and support! Saburi's Story Last month I introduced you to Saburi Boyer, this month I would like to tell you a little bit more about the steps that led to his involvement with Christ's Hope. Saburi became a Christian during [...]

Take it from Mr. Simon

“I now understand the incredible impact that Christ’s Hope has had on our community here in the DR Congo. Prior to their work here, many of the children who now attend the Christ's Hope CarePoints were looked down on in the community and excluded from the other children because of their unhygienic behaviors and only being able to [...]

COVID-19 Update

As we face the Coronavirus pandemic let us, as His people, turn to Him and seek Him. It is a time to share His promises with those we serve and those we encounter. Our friends at Young Life are praying through Psalm 91 for 91 days. We encourage you to join with our brothers and sisters and [...]