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How to Get Involved

Love Christ’s Hope and our mission? Here are some simple ways to get involved! Donate - Your investment in Christ’s Hope International transforms the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa in five key ways – physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual. Sponsor a child - By sponsoring a child you will be providing [...]

Our History

Where It Started (2003) In a small Namibian town, Jos and Sylvia Holtzhausen felt called to confront the troubling reality of HIV and AIDS they were witnessing first hand and the children left behind in its wake. They felt the call to launch a ministry that focused on HIV and AIDS affected children and families. [...]

What IS a Ministry CarePoint?

If you stay up to date on our blog posts and emails then you likely hear the term, “Ministry CarePoint” used often… but what exactly IS a Ministry CarePoint? A Ministry CarePoint is a strategically located center within a community that has a high AIDS infection rate. Our Ministry CarePoints provide a place where sponsored [...]

Where it All Began

In a small Namibian, Africa town, Jos and Sylvia Holtzhausen faced a burdening dilemma. Should they continue confidently serving Youth for Christ Namibia, reaching hundreds of west African youths at the large center they had established; or confront the troubling reality of HIV and AIDS they were witnessing first hand and the children left behind [...]

Clean Water Sustains Life

David and Becky Kase recently went on a trip to Africa to visit many of Christ’s Hope’s CarePoints. Becky shared many stories from their trip, but these were a few of her sweetest memories from their time there. “Water. When we are in this hot and dry land, we drink lots of it. In Africa [...]

What is Christ’s Hope?

Christ’s Hope International empowers orphaned and vulnerable children to break the cycles of extreme poverty, AIDS, and spiritual brokenness through family-based care and discipleship in Jesus Christ. To do this, we focus on five essential aspects of a child’s life – spiritual, community, emotional, educational, and physical. We are uncompromisingly Biblical, unashamedly Christian. In Africa, extreme poverty and AIDS are a [...]

Elizabeth’s Story

A couple of years ago Elizabeth's husband was very sick and Christ's Hope knew of his condition and needs. The Care and Compassion team visited him regularly and by God's grace he is now healthy and doing well. In the meantime, however, Christ's Hope considered Elizabeth’s children, Freddy and Tim, to be vulnerable because of [...]

Steven’s Story

Steven is an orphaned child who lives in a small shack with his sister and his aunt. He is in fourth grade and has been in the Christ’s Hope program since he was young. When Steven was first recruited into the Christ’s Hope program, he suffered from a blood disorder that gave him many different [...]

Caring for our children, with a new look!

In a celebration filled with prayer, laughter, new shirts and cake, we were blessed to come together (virtually) with our entire Christ's Hope team to praise the Lord for all he has done, and look forward to what he will do through this ministry! We had nearly all of our staff members, as well as [...]

Worth a Thousand Words

“He did what!?” “Felix sent a picture of himself holding the picture of us that we sent him!” I was amazed at my wife’s words. After forty years of sponsoring children in different parts of the world through different agencies, this was the most personal response we had ever gotten from a child we sponsored. [...]