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Behind the Picture – Mildred

We hope that through our "behind the picture" blog posts, you will learn more about our children's lives, be better equipped to pray for their personal struggles, and that one of their stories will touch you and ultimately lead to sponsorship. A Bit About Mildred! This is Mildred! She is an 8 year old girl who lives [...]

Life Outside of the CarePoints

We continually talk about the children in our CarePoints and the things they learn, but we do not often talk about how we prepare them for life after they graduate out of our program. We recently started what we call a, “Life Skills Program”, which is for our older students who are about to graduate out [...]

Behind the Picture – Don

Our "behind the picture" blog posts are a way that we can share more about the kids within Christ's Hope and a little background on their history and life. We hope that through these blog posts you will be better equipped to pray for our children's personal struggles and that one of their stories will touch you and ultimately lead [...]

Behind the Picture – Beryl

Here at Christ's Hope, we get the opportunity to learn about our children's lives. It can be extremely hard and overwhelming to hear some of the hurt that these children have had to go through and endure, but then other parts bring such joy and encouragement. We want you to be able to see a little peak into these children's lives as [...]

Finally Meeting!

Finally, the Lord made a way for some of our Christ’s Hope staff members to meet face to face!! In March 2022, these ladies were able to meet each other and bond as co-laborers for the Lord with Christ’s Hope. They were so grateful for time to get to know each other and bond. They [...]

Why is Christ’s Hope Different?

There are many different organizations similar to Christ’s Hope… So, what makes Christ’s Hope different? There are five main features that makes the Christ’s Hope program unique. We strive to keep children with their families (whether that is a parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent) and in their communities. We do this so that each child [...]

International Director’s 2022 Trip to Africa

By Numbers 4 Ministry Countries visited (DR Congo, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania) 3 Mobilization Countries visited (Germany, Netherlands, and England) 10 Team Members (representatives from USA, UK, Netherlands, Namibia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania) 27 Ministry CarePoints visited 140 Staff Members met with 2,000+ Children Impacted By Specifics Training With the Staff: Reviewed global activities, strategic plan, [...]

How to Get Involved

Love Christ’s Hope and our mission? Here are some simple ways to get involved! Donate - Your investment in Christ’s Hope International transforms the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa in five key ways – physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual. Sponsor a child - By sponsoring a child you will be providing [...]

Our History

Where It Started (2003) In a small Namibian town, Jos and Sylvia Holtzhausen felt called to confront the troubling reality of HIV and AIDS they were witnessing first hand and the children left behind in its wake. They felt the call to launch a ministry that focused on HIV and AIDS affected children and families. [...]

What IS a Ministry CarePoint?

If you stay up to date on our blog posts and emails then you likely hear the term, “Ministry CarePoint” used often… but what exactly IS a Ministry CarePoint? A Ministry CarePoint is a strategically located center within a community that has a high AIDS infection rate. Our Ministry CarePoints provide a place where sponsored [...]