2023 In Review

As we reflect on 2023, we are deeply moved by the countless ways your compassionate support has touched the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children. We see how God worked through you to help these children feel seen, known, and loved.

Our team has curated a collection of statistics and stories from the past year that serve as a testament to God’s faithfulness through your support. These narratives are not only a reflection of the past but also a source of encouragement for the future.

Your contributions have played a crucial role in bringing the Gospel to children in Africa, empowering them to shape brighter futures within their own communities. In the 7 countries we serve, an average of 49% of children grow up in extreme poverty. The high unemployment rates and steep education costs make it challenging for most children to receive any form of education. This often leads to the cycle of orphanhood and poverty.

When we welcome the most vulnerable children in a community to go to school, to have their daily needs met, and to learn about Jesus, we are participating in orphan prevention.

Take Morgan, for instance, a little boy whose family couldn’t support him or even house him. His CareGiver accepted him into their home and treats him like their own. Without his sponsorship, he would have nowhere to go and no hope for a bright future.

Then there is Séraphine, a young girl who was sponsored when she was little and has now graduated from the Christ’s Hope program, having completed primary school and secondary school speaking, reading, and writing in both Lingala and French and has even been trained in IT! Séraphine is now qualified to teach primary school but has recently decided to pursue a higher education where she is in her first year of a bachelor’s degree program studying Psychology. She is paying her own way through school – completely independent, showcasing the impact of your support.

Women like Marcy, who was once sponsored and graduated from the Christ’s Hope program, have come full circle to become CareGivers at one of our CarePoints, offering invaluable assistance to children they can relate to on a profound level.

Your generosity has enabled us to sustain our sponsorship program, providing hope to countless children who were once without it. These stories merely scratch the surface of the lasting impact you are making through your commitment to our shared mission.

So, thank you.

These stories only scratch the surface of the eternal impact you are making with your commitment to our shared mission. Thank you for your support, whether through prayer or financial contributions. Your dedication remains a driving force behind Christ’s Hope, reaching across the globe to touch the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children.

Together, with you and our global teammates, we’ve shared more than just resources this year. We’ve created a sense of belonging for children and families—allowing them to feel seen, known, and loved.

As we look forward eagerly, we are excited about all that God has planned for 2024. Thank you for being an integral part of this crucial mission.