Bianca’s Story

Meet Bianca, a sweet 8-year-old girl whose journey has been anything but easy. Orphaned at a young age, she found herself under the loving care of her grandmother, the sole provider for Bianca and four other children. Despite the hardships, Bianca remained faithful to God, and her spirit remained unbroken. 

A while back, Bianca was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. She was bedridden and unable to attend school or the Ministry CarePoint. Without the help of Christ’s Hope, the vital surgery she needed would have been completely out of reach. Her grandmother, still mourning the loss of Bianca’s mother, was hesitant to agree to the surgery, fearing for her granddaughter’s safety. 

The Christ’s Hope staff came to pray with Bianca and her grandmother daily. After much prayer and counsel, Bianca’s grandmother finally agreed to the surgery. It changed everything for Bianca! With the support of Christ’s Hope and a generous donor, Bianca received the surgery to help her illness, was able to attend a rehab facility multiple times a week, and found a community that cared for her, prayed for her daily, and embraced her with open arms.

Now, thanks to the generosity of her sponsor, the love of her Christ’s Hope CareGivers, and a special donor who contributed for her rehabilitation, Bianca is thriving. She’s back in school, playing with friends, and living life as a kid should! Bianca’s favorite story in the Bible is the story of Hannah. Just like Hannah, despite her difficult circumstances, Bianca remained faithful to God, and God blessed her!

Bianca’s journey is a testament to the incredible impact of God working through the faithful sponsors, donors, supporters and staff of Christ’s Hope to achieve our mission of empowering orphaned and vulnerable children to break the cycle of extreme poverty, transform lives and giving hope where it’s needed most. 

*For their safety and privacy, names have been changed.

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