Art Sale

We were deeply moved when a dedicated family, sponsoring two children, reached out to share their inspiring idea. Their children had made beautiful watercolor paintings, ornaments, and various crafts with a purpose—to fundraise for their sponsor kids’ CarePoint! We were touched and encouraged to see this family creating their own fundraiser and were happy to send over brochures and some other Christ’s Hope goodies for their event.

In December, the family hosted the art sale at their church, and the response was overwhelming… Their church rallied together, contributing to a total fundraising amount of $541 for their sponsor kids’ CarePoint! This is a testament to the power of compassion and the impact individuals can make when they take fundraising into their own hands.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude from seeing this family’s dedication, coupled with the generosity of many others who were willing to donate to our mission. We are overjoyed to witness people investing their time, creativity, and love in Christ’s Hope. The family prayed that the Lord would bless the kids’ efforts, and He answered abundantly.

To this family and all those who share in this mission, your loyalty is a great encouragement. You’ve not only raised funds but also lifted spirits and created a ripple of positive change. Thank you for being a vital part of the Christ’s Hope mission and making a lasting impact on the lives of children in need.

Read about this family's encouraging journey in choosing to become sponsors at Christ's Hope by clicking the link below!

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