The Fruit of Your Labor

A few months ago, two remarkable young adults accomplished a significant milestone… graduating from the Christ’s Hope program!  

Séraphine, a young woman in the DRC, was sponsored all the way back in 2010. That is a 13-year journey of growth and development through Christ’s Hope! David was sponsored in 2013, dedicating nearly a decade to the program! 

David grew up without parents, leaving only his older brother to lead his family. Séraphine was a result of a teenage pregnancy and never knew her father. Thanks to their sponsors and all who have supported Christ’s Hope, they’ve been able to overcome their difficult circumstances. Both Séraphine and David completed primary and secondary school, speak, read, and write in both Lingala and French, and have been trained in IT!  

David specializes in electronics and has become a motorcycle driver. He now owns his own motorcycle that he used to start a taxi business. Séraphine studied pedagogy and is now able to teach primary school. She has recently decided to pursue a higher education and is currently in her first year of a bachelor’s degree program studying Psychology. She is paying her own way through school – completely independent. 

In addition to their educational and vocational achievements – and most importantly – both David and Séraphine accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior! They have both been baptized and are now walking with Christ! 

If you could only see the challenging neighborhoods these two young adults come from, you’d understand the incredible odds they faced. They not only graduated from the Christ’s Hope program but went on to higher education and are walking in the path of the Lord and defying all statistics in their country. Praise God!  

This is cycle breaking. Séraphine and David are cycle breakers. This is a powerful demonstration of how God uses the body of Christ to care for those who might otherwise be forgotten and overlooked. Only the Lord truly knows the incredible fruit that these young lives will bear in the future – but we are thankful to witness even a glimpse of the fruit of your labor through Christ!

This picture was taken when Séraphine and David were celebrating recieving their secondary school state diploma! (Séraphine and David are the two on the right!)