Vitalis’ Story

As we are celebrating 20 years of Christ’s Hope, we want to take a moment to highlight a specific cycle breaker. We see the evidence of Christ’s Hope’s mission through Vitalis’ story, and we praise the Lord that we are seeing His story unfold in the lives of our sponsor children!

Vitalis was ten years old and living with his mother and four siblings when he entered the Christ’s Hope sponsorship program. His father passed away when he was very young, leaving the family in a very vulnerable state. His mother could barely afford to feed them or give them their other basic needs. Vitalis was very smart but had never had the chance to go to school because it was too expensive.

A couple from the US, Glenn and Shari, were looking to sponsor a child through Christ’s Hope. God made it very clear that Vitalis was exactly who they had been praying for! Their goal was to sponsor Vitalis all the way through grade school and then they hoped to help get him through college if they were able to and if Vitalis wanted to. Going to college would be completely life-changing for a young boy like Vitalis.

Vitalis and Glenn wrote back and forth continually over the years and their relationship grew significantly. Glenn sent him hundreds of devotionals and Vitalis would say that was a huge part of how he came to love God and know Him personally.

Vitalis proved to be incredibly smart and a great student once he started attending school because of the Christ’s Hope program. He ended up testing out of his regular school and qualified for boarding school, a huge success for children in Africa! He would now be able to live at this school, be fed well and receive an amazing education which would prepare him well for college and life as an adult.

This October, Vitalis will be graduating college with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Glenn will be flying to Africa to attend his graduation! Vitalis is now enrolled to get his master’s degree starting this November. He hopes to visit the US and see Glenn and Shari in person so they can spend time together as a family.

This past Father’s Day, Vitalis sent Glenn this letter:

“Happy Father’s Day. Sorry I couldn’t write as much about my love to you, but God knows how much I have been loving you always and praying for you.

You have been so good in my life despite the distance we have but still, I always feel I am with you at my side. Thanks for always showing up when I need you. Thanks for teaching me and expanding my knowledge about God. Your teachings have made me a good person and I will always take them in all of my life.

You’re such a wonderful person. I will always pray to be like you in my life. You’re such an inspiration to me and a role model. Thanks for all you have been doing for me. God bless you abundantly. I love you so much.”

God’s blessings were evident every step of the way for Vitalis and Glenn’s story. He continually provided for their needs and gave them each other to encourage and lead one another Godward. 

Vitalis has recently started sponsoring a child through Christ’s Hope. We see this beautiful story come full circle with a cycle breaker now training up another soon-to-be cycle breaker. Praise the Lord!

“Our story is not about the difference that Shari and I made in Vitalis’ life. It is about how Vitalis made a difference in OUR life.” – Glenn Hirt