Caring for our children, with a new look!

In a celebration filled with prayer, laughter, new shirts and cake, we were blessed to come together (virtually) with our entire Christ’s Hope team to praise the Lord for all he has done, and look forward to what he will do through this ministry! We had nearly all of our staff members, as well as a few board members, join our call from 14 different countries! We got to celebrate together and hear more about the branding, vision, and mission change for Christ’s Hope International.

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While our logo is not completely different, as we still have our signature yellow flower, the handwriting font is meant to represent the ministry’s personality. Our values are translated into our visual identity which reflect the love of Jesus, sincerity, competence and excitement. The style and colors are meant to show the joy and nature that is experienced in Africa and the Light of Christ. The little yellow flower in our logo reminds us of our hope in Christ and the new life He freely gave to us after His death on the cross, and we rejoice whenever we see it! We pray when you see our logo, Christ’s Hope is not only read, but felt! We are thankful for Annet van de Berg of Montio, a volunteer at Christ’s Hope Netherlands, who graciously agreed to design this new branding style for us.

Just as our branding is new and improved, so are our vision and mission statements! After much prayer and evaluation, our new vision statement is “Transforming the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in extreme poverty.” Our new mission statement is ”Empowering orphaned and vulnerable children to break the cycles of extreme poverty, AIDS, and spiritual brokenness through family-based care and discipleship in Jesus Christ.” We want to see a dramatic change in the lives of children living off of less than $1.90 per day with lack of access to education, health care, food stability, and clean water. We will do this by giving them the tools they need to go from “orphaned” or “vulnerable” to valued, chosen, loved, and redeemed in Christ Jesus!

We will continue to care for the orphaned and vulnerable with the same heart and passion as before, but with a new look!

Join us today, click here to see children waiting for a Child Sponsor to help care for, pray for and encourage them!


Congrats to our Grads!

Congrats to our Grads!


Join us in celebrating three young men who have recently graduated from the Christ’s Hope program in Namibia! Richard, Ivan, and Harry have all worked very hard and are grateful to their sponsors and Caregivers at the CarePoint who have supported them throughout their journey. All three young men feel ready and equipped to face the future as adults because of the guidance and support they have received through Christ’s Hope!


“I am thankful for the Bible lessons, tutoring, and school supplies given to me at the CarePoint which have helped me greatly throughout the years. I plan to continue my studies now that I have graduated from secondary school. As I heard of the amazing things the Lord has done, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I feel well prepared for whatever lies ahead because I have learned that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13). I would like to request continued prayers as I leave the CarePoint and enter into adulthood.”

In the future, Ivan plans to reinvest in Christ’s Hope by sponsoring other children and helping provide for them as he was. Ivan’s advice to other children at the CarePoint is this: “Be obedient to the caregivers and pay attention to what you are taught”.


“I have attended the Ministry CarePoint since I was 8 years old. During that time at the program, I received the free gift of Salvation through Christ after my father passed away in 2010. I am thankful for how Christ’s Hope has prepared me for the future by opening my mind to the Word of God and how to cope with manhood and loss. I am committed to continuously strengthening my faith through reading the Bible and prayer.”

Richard aspires to study and become an animal doctor now that he has finished his secondary education. He plans to reinvest in the CarePoint so that the other children will take their studies seriously and retain focus on their school work for a better future. When asked if he would recommend the Ministry CarePoint to others, Richard replied, “Yes, because all orphans, AIDS affected families, and vulnerable children need to be taken care of and to hear the Word of God for them not to lose hope.”


“I have been attending the Ministry CarePoint since 5th grade and plan to continue my education in criminal justice to help those less fortunate. I enjoyed taking the Genesis Design class where I learned the Word of God, how to show others their value, and how to respect my body as a temple of God. I plan to help other children attend the CarePoint in the future by investing in the ministry in Namibia.”

Harry would recommend Christ’s Hope to others because they care for those who are less fortunate, no matter their circumstance. His advice to other children in the program would be to finish school, learn to be helpful, and be committed to their studies if they want to have a better future.

*For their safety and privacy, their names have been changed.

There are many more children just like Ivan, Richard, and Harry that need your help to graduate!

Click here to see more children in need of a Child Sponsor to help care for them and encourage them forward into adulthood!

From darkness, to LIGHT…

At three years old, Shia’s mother abandoned the family. This is a major heartbreak for any child. Shia’s mom left because her dad had been diagnosed with a deadly disease. Apparently, she just couldn’t face that future reality, so she left her sick husband and their five children in his care.  Shia’s dad worked as a groundskeeper until he was too weak to do so, then they became homeless. At one point a school master had pity on them and let them sleep in a classroom at night, but eventually that was no longer an option. Unemployed and homeless, the children were not able to go to school and the family was hungry.


When Christ’s Hope was told about Shia, and her family’s situation, staff members visited them. They were able to welcome all of the children into a Ministry CarePoint, thanks to supporters in the USA.  Shia and her four siblings were then sponsored, able to start attending school, be fed on a regular basis and get the medical help they needed. The family was even able to obtain housing and get off the streets. Can you imagine the burden lifted off of Shia’s father? Talk about light in the midst of darkness!


Shia is now thriving in school and says she loves reading and recess, but hopes to improve her math skills. At the Ministry CarePoint she enjoys hearing stories from the Bible about Jesus, and when asked what she prays for, she said, “For my dad to have enough money, healing and joy!”


Recently during the COVID-19 shutdown,  Shia and her siblings were unable to attend the Ministry CarePoint where they were getting their regular meals. Their whole family had to be very careful to not get the Coronavirus, as her father and a few of her siblings have weak immune systems. This made it impossible for her father to feed the family, but because so many generous partners like you donated during this time, the Christ’s Hope caregivers were able to deliver food supplies to  Shia and her family, as well as so many other families just like theirs!

COVID-19 Update

As we face the Coronavirus pandemic let us, as His people, turn to Him and seek Him. It is a time to share His promises with those we serve and those we encounter.

Our friends at Young Life are praying through Psalm 91 for 91 days. We encourage you to join with our brothers and sisters and likewise commit to praying through Psalm 91 for the next 91 days. Let us lift our voices to our “refuge and fortress” and trust in Him.

The Coronavirus issue has escalated to a global pandemic and some countries we serve in are facing full shut down of operations. We are being proactive in minimizing the risk of spread and exposure to the virus as well as taking steps to prepare for quarantine and the impact this will have on the children in our care, their families, and our staff. It’s important to remember that many of the children and families we serve already have compromised immune systems and this virus could be very dangerous to them. 

Therefore, we are instituting the following steps to protect our staff and those we serve:

  1. CarePoints will be shut down if –
    • Government closes down schools
    • Any staff or children are diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus
    • Government authorities require shut down
  2. Preparations are being made for emergency provisions for our children and their families, as well as for staff in the event we have to close the CarePoints
  3. Reinforcing instructions and training for our children, their families, and our staff on the importance of frequent hand washing with soap and water as well as not touching your face with dirty hands
  4. Joining the prayer movement for protection, healing and against the spread of  the COVID-19 virus
We pray the Lord’s protection over our staff, children, and their families. Lord use this situation to draw many people to yourself!

Dave Kase
International Director

Glenn Vantieghem

Africa Team Leader

A New Chapter


After 15 years of dedicated service to the Lord and His Mission,  Jos Holtzhausen has stepped down from his position as International Team Leader of Christ’s Hope International. 

Jos and his wife Sylvia founded Christ’s Hope in 2003 after witnessing the plight of AIDS-affected, orphaned children in Africa during their tenure with Youth for Christ in a small town in Namibia; a project that quickly expanded to seven countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. As a critical element to the program, Sylvia wrote the Genesis Design curriculum, a lesson plan intending to teach youth about God’s design for manhood and womanhood, marriage, sexuality, and AIDS education.

Jos will continue to serve with Christ’s Hope in discipleship training and speak on behalf of the organization. Sylvia will continue to develop the Genesis Design curriculum. 

We praise God for their dedication to the calling He has given them and eagerly anticipate what He has in store for the future.

The title and duties of International Director have been appointed to David Kase, previously US Director, effective on January 1st, 2019. On the same date the position of African Team Leader was established and appointed to Glenn Vantieghem, team leader for the DR Congo, who will be responsible for overseeing ministry in Africa.

Thank You for Your Support in 2018
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all so much for supporting us through this past year!
With your gifts, we have the capability to do what Christ has commissioned us: To do what is right by taking up the cause of the fatherless. 
Our year-end goal was to raise $150,000, and through God’s grace we received a grand total of $144,529.30Praise be to God for His provision; we are continually blessed by His followers.
Stay tuned in 2019 to see the exciting developments God has in store for Christ’s Hope International! 

SwingShift and the Stars

It’s been a long journey, but we couldn’t be happier with the result! We are so grateful to everyone who supported us prayerfully and financially through this experience, as well as the ladies at SwingShift who put together this amazing fundraiser. We are especially thankful for Saburi Boyer of Loft TC for partnering with us this fall as our sponsor champion and star performer,  and for working so hard to help us raise $57,811! A big shout out to Marc Judge, Larry Flynn, Brad Harrison, and Gerhard Potgieter as well for joining Saburi in the November lip sync battle; we couldn’t have asked for a better representatives!

For a more detailed report of this event  click the link below:

Art For Hope

The Art for Hope event in Sacramento, California
will be taking the form of an online auction, to be held March 11-17, 2019. Please stay tuned to our social media for upcoming information and previews of the pieces for sale!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our new International Director and African Team Leader as they navigate their new roles


  • Pray for West Side Church’s upcoming team visit to Tanzania this February


  • Pray for our unsponsored children to become sponsored