Congrats to our Grads!

Congrats to our Grads!


Join us in celebrating three young men who have recently graduated from the Christ’s Hope program in Namibia! Richard, Ivan, and Harry have all worked very hard and are grateful to their sponsors and Caregivers at the CarePoint who have supported them throughout their journey. All three young men feel ready and equipped to face the future as adults because of the guidance and support they have received through Christ’s Hope!


“I am thankful for the Bible lessons, tutoring, and school supplies given to me at the CarePoint which have helped me greatly throughout the years. I plan to continue my studies now that I have graduated from secondary school. As I heard of the amazing things the Lord has done, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I feel well prepared for whatever lies ahead because I have learned that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13). I would like to request continued prayers as I leave the CarePoint and enter into adulthood.”

In the future, Ivan plans to reinvest in Christ’s Hope by sponsoring other children and helping provide for them as he was. Ivan’s advice to other children at the CarePoint is this: “Be obedient to the caregivers and pay attention to what you are taught”.


“I have attended the Ministry CarePoint since I was 8 years old. During that time at the program, I received the free gift of Salvation through Christ after my father passed away in 2010. I am thankful for how Christ’s Hope has prepared me for the future by opening my mind to the Word of God and how to cope with manhood and loss. I am committed to continuously strengthening my faith through reading the Bible and prayer.”

Richard aspires to study and become an animal doctor now that he has finished his secondary education. He plans to reinvest in the CarePoint so that the other children will take their studies seriously and retain focus on their school work for a better future. When asked if he would recommend the Ministry CarePoint to others, Richard replied, “Yes, because all orphans, AIDS affected families, and vulnerable children need to be taken care of and to hear the Word of God for them not to lose hope.”


“I have been attending the Ministry CarePoint since 5th grade and plan to continue my education in criminal justice to help those less fortunate. I enjoyed taking the Genesis Design class where I learned the Word of God, how to show others their value, and how to respect my body as a temple of God. I plan to help other children attend the CarePoint in the future by investing in the ministry in Namibia.”

Harry would recommend Christ’s Hope to others because they care for those who are less fortunate, no matter their circumstance. His advice to other children in the program would be to finish school, learn to be helpful, and be committed to their studies if they want to have a better future.

*For their safety and privacy, their names have been changed.

There are many more children just like Ivan, Richard, and Harry that need your help to graduate!

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