Why is Christ’s Hope Different?

There are many different organizations similar to Christ’s Hope… So, what makes Christ’s Hope different?

There are five main features that makes the Christ’s Hope program unique.

We strive to keep children with their families (whether that is a parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent) and in their communities. We do this so that each child will be with a loved one and will be able to take what they learn at their CarePoint and spread it to those around them.

We focus on the child/sponsor relationship. We do this via communications and the opportunity to visit your sponsor child!

Your sponsor child is given much more personalized care due to the more intimate child to caregiver ratio (12 to 1). Our caregivers check in on their group of children very regularly and have a continuous growing relationship with the child. Caregivers even do child home visits to know exactly what each individual child’s family and home life look like and what their biggest needs are.

Just like the special relationship a sponsor has with their sponsor child, entire churches can have that same special bond with a whole CarePoint of children being sponsored by your church! We don’t only partner with individuals, but churches to open up and fill up sponsorships for individual CarePoints! We are very thankful for our church partners!

We focus on the AIDS Affected, orphaned, or vulnerable children. Many organizations solely focus on children that are orphaned. At Christ’s Hope, we hope to help children in all vulnerable states.

Here at Christ’s Hope, we try to do things as God and as the Bible would instruct us to do. We long to help the widow and the orphan and those in need. But we can’t do it alone… We need your help!

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