What is Christ’s Hope?

Christ’s Hope International empowers orphaned and vulnerable children to break the cycles of extreme poverty, AIDS, and spiritual brokenness through family-based care and discipleship in Jesus Christ. To do this, we focus on five essential aspects of a child’s life – spiritual, community, emotional, educational, and physical. We are uncompromisingly Biblical, unashamedly Christian.

In Africa, extreme poverty and AIDS are a major issue. Every day people die because of these crises. Many children are left orphaned or vulnerable to neglect, abuse, trafficking, and disease. Often, they cannot receive an education or get the care and support they need as a child.

Our main focus when it comes to caring for the orphaned and vulnerable are:

  • Physical – Nutritious meals, hygiene lessons and supplies, access to medical care, exercise, games and more!
  • Educational – School fees, supplies, uniforms, tutoring, HIV prevention and more!
  • Emotional – Caregiving and mentoring, emotional wellbeing check-ups, trauma counseling and more!
  • Spiritual – Gospel presentation, discipleship, education on sex, marriage, man and womanhood, local church involvement and more!
  • Community – Home and school visits, community involvement, social and life skills training and more!

Since 2003, Christ’s Hope has grown from serving in one country, to seven. Today we serve over 1,500 AIDS affected, orphaned and vulnerable children, by helping them remain in families through our Ministry CarePoint model. Our hope for keeping them within their own community is so they can be with family and loved ones and also so that they can share this good news of the Gospel to those around them. We have seen this happen time and time again!

The ways YOU can help!

  • Child sponsorship – By sponsoring a child you will be providing educational, physical, spiritual, social and emotional care that he or she needs to break the cycle of AIDS and poverty.
  • General Donations – Make a general donation which will make a difference in a child’s life without the commitment of sponsorship.
  • Teams and Trips – Join a team and visit one of our Ministry CarePoints. In doing so, you will have the unique opportunity to use your gifts and talents to bless our children and staff!
  • Prayer – You can sign up to get our weekly emails which include prayer requests and praises for the week.

Want to learn more? Click the link below to visit our website and read more about who we are and what we do!

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