The Mattress Campaign

Uganda recently hosted a local fundraising campaign that raised funds to provide mattresses for the children in one of our CarePoints in Uganda. After our CareGivers did home visits, they saw that most of the children’s sleeping situations were alarming. Very few children had a mattress, and many didn’t even have a blanket to sleep under. Most of the children just slept on a mat on the floor.

After seeing this, our CareGivers wanted to jump in and help so they started this campaign. The campaign started in February of 2022 and our goal was to raise enough funds for 150 children to have their own mattress. A mattress is roughly $22 US dollars in Uganda which is a big ask and yet we were blown away by the people’s generosity! Between the donations from church partners, friends, families, and local schools, they raised $3,835 US dollars which covers the cost for 175 mattresses. This made it so that every child and even the staff could have a brand-new mattress for their own.

We are so grateful for the people that make our campaigns possible. These $22 donations have changed 175 lives! Not only that, but it has also shown 175 people the love of Christ through their brothers and sisters in Christ.

There are many more children who are waiting for their lives to be changed!

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