Take it from Mr. Simon

“I now understand the incredible impact that Christ’s Hope has had on our community here in the DR Congo. Prior to their work here, many of the children who now attend the Christ’s Hope CarePoints were looked down on in the community and excluded from the other children because of their unhygienic behaviors and only being able to communicate in their tribal tongue, rather than being able to speak Congo’s official language.

Christ’s Hope, instead of disregarding these children, taught them and welcomed them into their CarePoints where they now have learned how to communicate properly and about personal hygiene. Many of the children have even shared these lessons with their families!

They have grown into hardworking students who take pride in their work and their bodies, that they’ve learned were made in the image of Christ. They now feel confident around the other children who they were once separated from.
Through your partnership with Christ’s Hope, you have given these children the courage to move forward in their lives and I am truly thankful for the work you’ve done.”
Peace and Blessings,

Dave Kase
International Director