What Do You Want To Be When You Grow up?

What do you want to be when you grow up? A question we are asked all too often as kids. For children like Matthew growing up in poverty and AIDS stricken villages, the career options are limited. But Matthew has a dream…

Fourth grader, Matthew, and his older sister lost their mom years ago. They live in a small shack with their dad who is unemployed because of the COVID lockdowns last year when he was let go from his job at the hardware store. The stores, schools and CarePoints were all forced to shut down. Food shortages were rampant causing many people to go hungry, and in some cases, even starve. In Matthew’s community police aggressively enforced strict mask and curfew laws. Matthew and his family became afraid of the police and were unable to go out in search of food.

Thankfully the Lord made a way for help to get to Matthew and his family. Because Matthew has a Christ’s Hope sponsor who faithfully supports him, and a CareGiver from his Christ’s Hope CarePoint brought food and supplies to his home, Matthew and his family were able to eat. Not only that, but they were given hope – hope knowing that even in difficult situations, their Father in Heaven will always provide for them. He will never forsake them.

Now that the CarePoints are open and meeting again, Matthew is reunited with his friends and CareGivers. He is especially excited to be back in school and at the CarePoint because he LOVES learning! While he might be quiet and shy, he sets a wonderful example for his peers to obey God and do your best in everything you do. Matthew dreams of becoming a policeman when he grows up – and we think he’ll make a great one! He wants to make his town a better place by helping people and stopping crime!

This sweet child has been taught at the CarePoint that he has value in light of his Creator.  He is empowered to learn, overcome and even dream of one day becoming a policeman. Matthew is part of a generation of children breaking the cycle of AIDS, extreme poverty, and spiritual brokenness in Africa – thanks to sponsors and donors like you!

Matthew with his older sister

*For safety and privacy, his name has been changed.