Make a difference in a child’s life, like Rose!

When Rose was young, she lost both her mother and father to AIDS. As orphans, Rose and her younger sistermoved in with their grandmother. While their grandmother loved them very much, she could barely afford to takecare of herself, let alone two children. That’s where Christ’s Hope stepped in.

Seven years ago,

Rose joined the Christ’s Hope program inKenya. She was able to start going to schooland receiving an education thanks to theschool fees, uniforms, and other suppliesbeing provided by Christ’s Hope. At theMinistry CarePoint, Rose comes multipletimes a week where she gets the care andsupport she needs such as hot, nutritiousmeals, tutoring, and discipling. Not tomention she is able to enjoy being a kid byplaying games and making new friends.

Because Rose’s critical needs were being taken care of by Christ’sHope, her grandmother was able to allow Rose and her sister tocontinue living with her rather than going to an orphanage.

We see the lives of Rose and her family being restored as theyexperience the love of Christ. Rose is now growing up healthy,educated, and confident as she learns that she is valued in thekingdom of Heaven. She has now known the Word of God deeplyand is living a live that is upright before God

Make a difference in a child’s life, like Rose,by giving this Christmas season. Your donation will help morechildren receive the care, support, and love they need to break the cycle of HIV and AIDS, poverty, and spiritualbrokenness.


This year, our goal is to raise $300,000 for the children. Will you help us reach ourgoal and go into the new year in a wonderful position to be able to better serve and care for over 1,500 valuablechildren, and many more in 2020?

Thank you for your partnership that continues to make a difference in the lives of many children all over Sub-SaharanAfrica. You can give a gift this Christmas season by returning the included donation card or by donating online at

Peace and blessings,

David Kase

International Director

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