Life Outside of the CarePoints

We continually talk about the children in our CarePoints and the things they learn, but we do not often talk about how we prepare them for life after they graduate out of our program.

We recently started what we call a, “Life Skills Program”, which is for our older students who are about to graduate out of our sponsorship program. These young adults are able to attend life skill courses where they learn different skills that will help them in their life as an adult and in the working world. The life skills centers teach them things like:

  1. Career opportunities: baking, tailoring, computer knowledge, taxi and motorcycle training, hair cutting and more
  2. Career guidance
  3. The importance of education
  4. Money management and savings
  5. Critical thinking, planning and problem solving

Here, the students are encouraged to start getting involved in a local church and to really make their spiritual life even more of a priority. We have seen many of them become members at a local church, join the church choir and even volunteer in many different ways. We are so proud of these young adults and how different their lives look from the generations before them.

The results are so encouraging for us to see. We have many students come out of the centers with good jobs, and new skills that will help them throughout their entire life. They have a new found confidence and can now feel prepared to support themselves and hopefully someday a family of their own.

When you sponsor a child, you are not only helping them while they are young, you are also giving them opportunities they may have never had before. They now have the ability to shape their life however they would like and to do something they are passionate about in the future. You are helping equip them for a secure a job, guiding them towards a good community, encouraging them to build a stronger faith that is their own and glorify God through it all.

There are many more children that need your help!

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