Behind the Picture – Seldon 21249

We hope that through our “behind the picture” blog posts, you will learn more about our children’s lives, be better equipped to pray for their personal struggles, and that one of their stories will touch you and ultimately lead to sponsorship.

A Bit About Seldon!

This is Seldon! He is a 9 year old boy who lives in Kisumu, Kenya, and lives with his grandmother and grandfather. Seldon’s father is not around and his mother is mentally ill, so the grandparents are his sole guardians even though they are old often very sick.

Seldon loves playing soccer and making model cars, eating beef and cornmeal, and his favorite Bible story is Genesis 1 because he loves the story of creation. Seldon would like to be a driver when he grows up and he helps around the house by grazing the goats and sweeping.

A Bit About Nairobi, Kenya!

Kenya is located in East Africa and is a very diverse place. It touches the Indian Ocean and is mostly desert and mountainous.

Seldon lives in Kisumu, Kenya which is the third largest city in Kenya. The temperature is anywhere from the low 60s to high 80s and they experience both a dry and a wet season. The homes in Kisumu, Kenya are usually made of mud and corrugated metal sheets and the terrain is typically very rocky and dry. The children within our Kenyan CarePoints rarely have electricity or running water in their home, so they have lots of long walks in all types of weather to the nearest well or other water source.

How to Pray for Seldon!

  1. Please pray for Seldon and his family members. Pray that God would use their hardships for His glory and their good.
  2. Pray that God would Give Seldon a good life and that His grandparents would be able to afford their daily basic needs and keep them all healthy and safe.
  3. Please pray that Seldon would do incredibly well in school and that he would continue to grow and learn more every day.
  4. Lastly, please pray that Seldon would be sponsored and that he would be given hope through sponsorship. Pray that God would bring the perfect sponsor for Andrew and that they would have an amazing and lasting relationship. Most importantly, please pray that all of this would ultimately lead him to Christ.

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