Behind the Picture – Alisio 301106

A Bit About Alisio!

This is Alisio! He is a 6 year old boy who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, and lives with his mother and two siblings. Alisio’s father left after his mother told him that she was pregnant and she has never seen him again. Alisio’s mother is currently unemployed but is sometimes able to do other people’s laundry for money. They rent a tiny back room in a shack that can barely fit a bed for the 4 of them to share in their room.  

Alisio loves to play with cars, take his afternoon nap, and play on the jungle gym at his CarePoint. His favorite food is pap and milk and he is known for being shy and quiet. Alisio would like to be a policeman when he grows up to help protect his community. 

A Bit About Johannesburg, South Africa

South Africa is located at the very bottom of Africa and touches the Indian and Atlantic Ocean. Most of South Africa is made up of flat lands and plateaus but also has some mountainous areas. South Africa is a very diverse place having 11 official languages and many more unofficial languages. Sadly, the poverty rate is very high in South Africa and children are often neglected for various reasons.

Alisio lives in the largest city in South Africa, Johannesburg. It sits in a large grassy plateau and has a low rocky area where water travels into the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. It is known as “the city of gold” because it was formed by a gold rush in 1886. The temperature is anywhere from the low 50s to high 70s, but it can occasionally go below freezing. Drought is common in Johannesburg as they usually only get a bit of rain in the summer months.

The homes in Johannesburg are very small and often made of brick or corrugated metal sheets. Sadly, lots of people are homeless in Johannesburg and are waiting and praying for housing.

How to Pray for Alisio

  1. Please pray for Alisio and his family members. Pray that God would use their hardships for His glory and their good.
  2. Pray that God would Give Alisio a good life and that his family would be able to afford their daily basic needs and keep them all healthy and safe.
  3. Pray that Alisio’s mother would find a good job where she is able to provide for herself and her three kids.
  4. Lastly, please pray that Alisio would be sponsored and that he would be given hope through sponsorship. Pray that God would bring the perfect sponsor for Alisio and that they would have an amazing and lasting relationship. Most importantly, please pray that all of this would ultimately lead him to Christ.

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