A Graduation Story

It is our greatest joy to hear about the graduation of children out of our program. We know that they were diligent, persevered, worked hard despite the adversity they faced outside the walls of our CarePoints. Now they are coming out of the program wise and capable adults who love the Lord.

Our child sponsorship program makes a way for kids to have hope, instills self-confidence, and a sense of purpose. Most of the children in our program have not had the opportunity to read the Bible and know the Lord personally before coming to the CarePoint, yet they walk away with a knowledge and love for the Lord. Through sponsorship, they have the opportunity to go to school and get a good education, to break the cycle of poverty, vulnerability, and AIDS. These kids now have more opportunities and hope for a better future.

We have seen not only our kids but their whole families transformed because of the work that God does through Christ’s Hope. Families have had someone walking alongside them, helping them care for their children, giving support physically, financially, mentally, and spiritually. Broken families have found a new strength in Christ and our prayer is that they would pass that on to the next generations.

Here are some beautiful words shared from a girl who recently graduated from our child sponsorship program. We hope these words warm your hearts like it did ours.

“Hello my sponsors, I hope you are doing very well there in Florida. I am fine … I do not know where to start. I am who I am because of Christ’s Hope. I do not know as to where I would be if you were not there but what I can say is that all the glory belongs to Him who made me. You have now help me focus not on education only but to live a holy and perfect life. Being in Christ’s Hope helped me a lot. Christ’s Hope helped to show me direction to success… It was not easy, but the Lord God helped me. I am now able to proclaim what the Lord has done for me. I never fell sick or missed even 1 exam paper. This shows how much my redeemer lives. I miss seeing you so much and thank you for all you have done for me. Words cannot express as to how I feel but what I can say is that I am so grateful. May the living God bless you abundantly and never stop what you have done for me. You will be always in my heart forever and ever amen. Love you so much and take care of yourself and I will also do so. Saying goodbye hurts but anyway, bye!”

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