Genesis Design


“Genesis Design will take you back, right to the beginning, to hear the voice of truth… the voice of God the Almighty Creator. Genesis tells us, in the first three chapters of the Bible, exactly how God created us” (Sylvia Hotzhausen, Genesis Design Founder, and Creator).

The global AIDS epidemic is a terrible and complicated tragedy, and the ramifications are affecting our world in ways we cannot imagine. Genesis Design is a program that God is using to act in the middle of this tragedy. The program teaches children the importance of sexual purity and the direct correlation that has to abstinence before marriage, and then faithfulness in marriage. It is an outstanding AIDS prevention tool and gives young people a strong moral foundation to base their lives and choices on in the future.


Genesis Design uses foundational truths from Genesis chapters 1-3 to discuss topics like gender, love, marriage, and sex. The teaching provides the skills necessary to maintain a lifestyle of sexual fidelity and places an equal value on both males and females as human beings. Our goal in using Genesis Design is to teach the following:

  1. Human beings have value because we are made in the image of God
  2. Males and females have equal value, regardless of their different roles
  3. Sex has value because it was created by God and is the means for procreation
  4. A sexual relationship within marriage is worth waiting for

The fundamental goal of Genesis Design is to see the next generation enter into God-glorifying relationships that lead to stable marriages and result in strong godly families.