“We invite you to partner with us in Mariel’s memory
by sponsoring one of these children!”

Thank you so much for visiting this webpage and showing an interest in the Mariel Grace Ministry CarePoint. We want to share a little history on how this CarePoint came to be –

From Don & Anita, Mariel Grace Ministry CarePoint Champions –

“We have been involved with Christ’s Hope since hearing the founder, Jos Holtzhausen speak in 2006. Since then we have helped with organizing, loading and shipping a container of donated items to Kenya in 2007, supported Nathan on a mission trip to Kenya in 2007, volunteered in the Christ’s Hope office many times and in 2011 Anita and Eli went on a mission trip to Kenya and Tanzania. It was this trip to Tanzania that we saw a need for child sponsorship. So, after Christ’s Hope initiated their new model of child sponsorship for the CarePoints, we decided to help support an existing CarePoint in DRC and also sponsor a child. It was then brought to our attention that there was a great need in Kinshasa, DRC to expand. We talked to the current director for Christ’s Hope, USA, Dave Kase, about starting a new CarePoint. We have been friends with Dave and his wife, Becky, for many years. When Anita went to the office to discuss the details of starting the CarePoint, it was Dave who suggested naming it in memory of our daughter, Mariel Grace. That was so unexpected and we were moved to tears with that suggestion. It is such an honor to have her remembered in that way. So, we became champions of the new Mariel Grace Ministry CarePoint that launched in November 2019 and we invite you to partner with us in Mariel’s memory by sponsoring one of these children!”

Love, Don & Anita

P.S. Please remember that an important part of this ministry is to build a relationship with your sponsored child. This is done by praying for them and sending letters, cards and photos a few times a year.

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