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Transforming the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in extreme poverty

Christ’s Hope International is the body of Christ dedicated to caring for AIDS-affected, orphaned, and vulnerable children. From our humble beginnings in a small town in Namibia, Christ’s Hope International now cares for over 1,500+ children in 30+ Ministry CarePoints across Africa. National leaders run our programs and provide compassionate, Christ-centered care, which equips children to live in a family unit. We use a comprehensive model that focuses on meeting educational, physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs to ensure that we are effectively battling the cycle of AIDS and poverty. We have the opportunity to help raise up a new generation of CYCLEBREAKERS.

About Us

Discover how God used a couple in a small town in Namibia to reach seven countries in Africa with the gospel. Learn More!

What We Do

The Christ’s Hope ministry model focuses on effectively battling the cycle of AIDS and poverty and results in life-altering changes in children and their communities. Learn More!

Get Involved

You play an essential role within the ministry of Christ’s Hope. Your involvement means that lives are changed forever. Learn More!