Desiree’s Story

In 2009, Desiree entered the Christ’s Hope program in the Democratic Republic of Congo at nine years of age: She came fatherless, desperate, and hungry. She then lived with her mother, but due to her father’s death, resources were limited, and she was unable to get the care a young girl needs to live a healthy life.

But now, she had hope. Thanks to Christ’s Hope, she now had access to regular meals, education, and even a doctor’s care when she needed it. At long last, things were starting to shape up for Desiree.

But then, the unexpected happened. Tragically, Desiree’s mother passed away, leaving her an orphan.  She felt more alone than ever before. Despite this, she was never truly alone.

Thanks to Christ’s Hope and the Family Preservation Model, Desiree was able to find a home with her Aunt that lived nearby, and continue to receive the essential resources needed for her to thrive. Because of the assurance of care that Christ’s Hope provided, hope was rekindled.

Because of the Bible lessons she attended, she was taught that her circumstances did not equal her value, and how valuable she was in the eyes of God. Because of Christ’s Hope gender equality training and AIDS Education, she learned that being a woman born into poverty did not mean she couldn’t build a better life for herself.  She learned that riches in heaven amount to much more than earthly possessions, and most importantly, of Christ’s great sacrifice.

She grew into an eager young woman, zealous for God. In 2015, she decided to express her gratitude to Jesus by becoming a follower of Him, and by being baptized at a local church.

Now, she teaches Sunday School there, passing on the lessons she learned to younger generations.

She is now the first Child from the DRC to grow out of the program, possessing all the necessary skills to create a fruitful life for herself. She’s immensely grateful for the program, closing out her enrollment with the words; “Now I am ready for life!”

This year, she completed her education at Trade School as one of the best in class, and is now training at a local Sewing Workshop to be a seamstress. Her supervisor is very pleased with her work, and she often assists her coworkers in their work as well.

Desiree is living proof that the cycle of AIDS and poverty can be broken. Praise be to God!

With more support from people like you, young men and women like her can learn to emerge from hard situations and make lives for themselves and their future children. Will you donate today, and help us reach our year end goal of $150,000? Lives are depending on it.