Get Involved During COVID-19

July 13th, 2021: In the countries in Africa where Christ’s Hope works, the situation has deteriorated rapidly in recent weeks. We receive messages from employees from almost all countries that the number of infections and deaths is increasing rapidly and that the hospitals have reached maximum capacity. A number of Christ’s Hope employees in African countries have gotten COVID. As far as is known, no children have been infected, praise God!
The third corona wave is severe and the situation is expected to worsen in the coming weeks. We therefore ask you to pray for the children, the employees and their families and loved ones.
The CarePoints in Namibia, South Africa, Uganda and Kenya currently have a reduced program. The corona measures are being tightened; in Kisumu (Kenya), for example, a curfew has been reintroduced and the CarePoints cannot open on Saturdays. Uganda is in lockdown, the CarePoints there will be closed for at least a month. In Tanzania, corona does not seem to have a major impact for the time being.
Few vaccinations (2 administered doses per 100 people in Africa, compared to an average of 68 doses per 100 people in rich countries), new corona variants and not being able to strictly comply with corona measures currently lead to a worrying situation. Therefore we ask our good Father for his protection: Lord, have mercy on us! Keep the virus away, especially from those who are so vulnerable.

Make A Difference in A Child's Life During COVID-19

Sponsor a child today! One of our greatest needs, especially during COVID-19, is sponsors for our children! If you would be willing to help provide for one or more of these dear ones, click on the link below to sponsor a child today!

In response to COVID-19, staff members in all 7 of the countries Christ’s Hope serves are working hard to provide our children, their families, and the local communities resources such as food, masks, soap, hand sanitizer, hand-washing stations, and more!


What does social distancing during COVID-19 look like for our children and staff in Africa?

Our children and staff in Africa are also staying home and practicing social distancing during this Coronavirus outbreak. The difference is, they don’t have fridges and pantries stocked with food. Most do not have running water, and their families are crammed into tiny, rundown shacks. Many of our children and their families have compromised immune systems, so this virus could be very dangerous to them. We are still checking in on them and delivering food packages to those who need it. Thank you for standing with us during COVID-19.

Which countries of the ones Christ's Hope serves in are affected?

As of right now, all seven countries that we work in have cases of COVID-19. Thankfully, the case numbers are low at this time, with the exception of South Africa. You can see the exact numbers by visiting the World Health Organization and searching Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, eSwatini, Namibia, and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Is my Child Sponsorship payment needed at this time?

Yes, more than ever! Though we are not able to meet face to face with your sponsored child during this time, we are still caring for them by making sure they have enough food to eat, delivering food packages, health kits, and more.

Do any of the Christ's Hope children or staff in Africa have Coronavirus?

At this time, we are pleased to say that there are NO confirmed cases of COVID-19 within our Christ’s Hope children and staff in Africa. Pray with us that their heath continues.

Will letters still be delivered to your sponsored children?

We will do our best to deliver letters to the children, but understand because of the situation, they may be delayed or may not get to them at all until the shut down is over. However, we do encourage you to still write to your child during this time to encourage them! Whether they get it now, or once this is all over, we know it will mean so much to them to know you have been thinking of them throughout the outbreak!

What are CareGivers and staff doing during quarantine?

Our CareGivers and staff are working from home. This time is allowing them to get caught up and be proactive on bookkeeping, record keeping, and lesson plans.