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7 Lessons Learned

“While in my mother’s womb precisely at 7 months, the doctors advised my mother to get rid of the pregnancy as it was a high risk one for her…” Hear Faith’s powerful testimony and 7 lessons she has learned

Congrats to our Grads! ?

Join us in celebrating three young men who have recently graduated from the Christ’s Hope program in Namibia…

Daniel's Story

At ten years old, Daniel found himself working in the rice paddy fields of western Kenya. His mother was sick and left Daniel the responsibility of providing for his younger siblings. Eventually, Daniel fell sick from working so hard. He began begging in the market; he was hungry and hopeless, and he thought his life would never change…

Leah & Grace's

As Leah walked into Grace’s classroom, she writes, “I spotted Grace and then she came around the table with flowers and a card for me; she hugged me right away and was trying to hide the emotion on her face. It is a moment I will never forget.”

September Ministry Update

It was a Tuesday when Carol’s life changed. Grief, depression, and malnourishment plagued Carol’s childhood for years after she lost both of her parents…

Saburi's Story

Saburi became a Christian during the hottest summer on record in La Grange, Wyoming at the Frontier School of the Bible. God saved him from a life of rebellion and anger, and into a joyful relationship with Him, and this was just the tipping point…

Becca Prange Ministry Center

The Becca Prange Ministry Care Center, will give up to 250 children access, multiple times each week, to receive hot, nutritious meals, tutoring, discipleship, Genesis Design life skills, and access to medical, emotional, and physical support.