Child Sponsorship

When you sponsor a child through Christ’s Hope International, you are helping to care for and equip them with the tools they need to break the cycles of extreme poverty, AIDS and spiritual brokenness. This happens at our Ministry CarePoints, a central place where children receive care outside school hours and still live at home with their families or extended families, unlike an orphanage. Through physical, educational, emotional, social, and spiritual care, we strengthen families and build relationships to reduce the likelihood of children being institutionalized, abandoned or trafficked. Through the life-changing message of Jesus Christ—and the support of our Child Sponsorship program—we can break these negative cycles and bring HOPE to the future.

Send Your Sponsored Child a Letter!

You can mail your letter to PLACEHOLDER ADDRESS or email it to . You can use the below letter template, or feel free to use your own! *Please include your full name and your child’s name and registration number (if known) so that we can make sure your letter goes to the right child.