Caring for the AIDS affected child.

21 Ministry CarePoints, 850+ children cared for.

21 Ministry CarePoints, 850+ children cared for.

10 years serving Africa and we've only just begun! - What We've Accomplished

Get Involved!

Get Involved!

There are many ways which you can help care for AIDS affected children. Find out how!

Caring for the AIDS affected child....

Caring for the AIDS affected child....

...requires a holistic and innovative approach that addresses the spiritual, physical, educational, and social needs of the child and their community.

Get Involved

We need your prayers, your support, your hands! There are so many ways you can help care for HIV and AIDS affected children. Find out how

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Caring for AIDS affected children requires a holistic approach that addresses spiritual, physical, social, and educational needs. Find out more

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From prevention and education to restoring dignity and hope, our Ministries are reaching thousands of the AIDS affected. View ministries

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Your contribution to Christ's Hope International allows us to reach thousands of children and adults affected by the devastating AIDS crisis in Africa. Donate now

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An update from Ride for Hope Lave Victoria and Team CYCLE-BREAKER What's all this I hear about Team CYCLE-BREAKER? It’s been a long winter for us here in Michigan and I am really excited that prime cycling weather is finally upon us! I want to share some exciting news with you… Over the last few months while we’ve been buried in snow, we have had a new idea percolating in our brains. It started with the idea of creating a cycling team – and then evolved into so much more! As many of you know, we’ve been working on the next Ride for Hope event - the Ride for Hope Lake Victoria to be held in June of 2017. It will be a roughly 600 mile (965 k) ride beginning in Kampala, Uganda, winding through Kenya and ending up in Mwanza, Tanzania. Along the way, we will visit our CarePoints and meet the children who are hearing about Jesus and learning to break the cycle of AIDS and poverty in their lives. I just returned last week from East Africa after driving the route and it’s going to be amazing! As we were thinking about this ride, it occurred to us that we needed a team name for our cyclists – I mean, we oughtta be able to come up with a better name than Team Sky or Tinkoff shouldn’t we?!!! As we pondered the name, we thought about our kids and the work of the Ministry CarePoints… We thought about the lessons that they learn and the goal of helping our kids become Cycle-Breakers… And it became clear what our name should be: Team CYCLE-BREAKER! But, shortly after we came up with the new name, one of our Child Sponsors, Jen, took it a step further. She said, “That’s an awesome name, but I’m not a cyclist and I wanna be on the team too!” Really, think about it… who doesn’t want to be on “the team”? And thus the idea was born! You don’t have to be a cyclist - anyone who supports the work of Christ’s Hope in helping to care for AIDS affected children is already on Team CYCLE-BREAKER! WHAT'S A CYCLE-BREAKER? CYCLE-BREAKERS are those brave young people who make good and right choices and choose a better future for themselves, their spouses and their children. Those choices help them to be responsible for the generation they create and to break the cycle of AIDS and poverty in their lives. TEAM CYCLE-BREAKER: Team CYCLE-BREAKER is more than a cycling team… It’s a movement. Anyone who supports the mission and vision of Christ’s Hope International in caring for AIDS affected children is on the team! There are countless ways to get involved - as a Child Sponsor, as a Ministry CarePoint Champion, as a runner or cyclist committed to raising funds through our soon to be launched peer-to-peer fundraising site. Or, how about a garage sale for Christ’s Hope? An alternative birthday gift event? As many ways as you can think of, you can help support the life-changing work of Christ’s Hope International and be a valuable member of Team CYCLE-BREAKER. So, we’ll keep rolling out more information about Team CYCLE-BREAKER in the coming weeks and months. We’re looking at some really cool Peer-to Peer fundraising options and some awesome Team CYCLE-BREAKER gear. In the mean time, if you are interested in participating in the Ride for Hope Lake Victoria next summer, please contact me as soon as possible. Space is very limited and filling up fast. One last exciting thing… Most of us will be out there this summer on the roads and trails putting in lots of miles in the saddle. Wouldn’t you like to do it in a Team CYCLE-BREAKER kit? Starting June 1, our new Team CYCLE-BREAKER kit will be available for order! Ordering will be available for two weeks, closing on June 15th. I have attached a photo of what the kits look like and ordering instructions (including sizing info) will be posted here prior to June 1. We hope you think they look as awesome as we do and we hope to see lots of TEAM CYCLE-BREAKER kits out there on the road spreading the word about Christ’s Hope! Final pricing will be based on how many orders we get. Please contact me if you have any questions -
We praise God for His amazing and faithful provision for our ministry! This past week, we received word that a family foundation has pledged a matching gift to the ministry of up to $100,000 USD for cash donations raised for the Ride for Hope Lake Victoria to be held in June of 2017. We pray that will be a big boost to the fundraising for the ride and our goal of raising funds to cover all the education costs for our East Africa ministry locations (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania) for two years. God is so good!
Join us today as we pray for the work being done in our German offices located in Herbert. From May 20-29, there will be a large event that will bring nearly one million visitors to the area! Christ's Hope will have an information booth at this event and we pray that we will be able to speak to many people and make good contacts. Please pray that God will use this time to bring glory to His name and blessings to the ministry of Christ's Hope.
Join us today in praising God for the safe travel thus far as Brad Harrison from the International Office is currently driving the planned route of the 2017 Ride for Hope Lake Victoria. Driving the back roads of East Africa, it is abundantly clear the we have an incredible Maker. The beauty of His creation is astounding! We are also thankful for the amazing children of the Kisakye ministry CarePoint in Kampala, Uganda and the wonderful staff there. They are doing an incredible job of caring for the orphaned and vulnerable children of Kampala. What beautiful faces!
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